Buckingham Ovencleaner

Buckingham Ovencleaner

Picture f Roger Butcher Buckingham Ovencleaner

Roger Butcher Buckingham Ovencleaner

The best known Buckingham Ovencleaner is Roger Butcher, one of the two Milton Keynes Ovenclean Franchisees. Roger’s area spans from Milton Keynes out to Winslow and Buckingham. Roger also covers many of the towns and villages in between such as Bletchley, Akeley, Thornton and Nash amongst others.

He provides his service for all sorts of ovens, ranges, Agas hobs, extractor fans and BBQs using environmentally friendly and non caustic products. Contact him for a quote.

The Buckingham Ovencleaner Service

We take some water from you, and we take out all that can be removed from the oven and hobs (if required). We light the burner in the back of the van, pour in the water add our soaps and detergents and allow the parts of your oven to gently soak in the hot mixture.

It’s then back to the house to scrape the inside of the oven to remove any loose residue. We then heat the oven to about 100 degrees c. Heating the oven turns the hard residue inside the oven soft. Once the oven is hot, we remove the back-plate and fan, and put those in the boiler as well.

We scrape the inside of the oven again to remove more residue and then clean the inside of the oven. We go down on our hands and knees and use special wire wool and polisher to finish off. The doors are removed where possible, split apart and the inside faces of the glass cleaned. The internal light covers of the oven are cleaned as well.

Gas Burner Before Cleaning

We go back to the van and scrub everything in the back until everything is clean. The hob burners and pan supports get a good scrubbing, and we blacken them if they are cast iron.

We then put everything back together again, show you that it is working, and leave you with a bright sparkly oven. Press here for further information.